Sales Policy

Reservations on kids are free. We will put your name on a reservation list with your preferred breedings and do our best to fill it however we have first choice on all breedings. Once the kids have been evaluated those with reservations will be contacted with availability and prices. Within 48 hours of being notified, we will need a commitment and a deposit of half the purchase price is due within 4 days. Animals must be paid in full before being transported.

We have the first right to retain any kid born, change any planned breeding at any time as well as terminate a sale at anytime with a a full refund.
Buyer is responsible for all transport and costs. We will not ship air at this time, ground transport for pick up at the farm must be arranged.

Our kids are usually raised with a blend of Dam and bottle. Kids may go to new home when weaned at 10-12 weeks or possibly sooner on a bottle.

Once a goat leaves our property, we are not responsible for the health of the goat unless in case of genetic defect. In that case, we require a letter from a licensed veterinarian at the buyers expense before a replacement is given. The animal or papers on the animal must be returned to the farm before a replacement animal will be given. There will be no monetary refund.

We disbud all of our horned kids.

At this time we will only be offering bucks out of a few does. If you are interested in a buck kid in 2024 please be sure to make a reservation.

Goats are herd animals and need another goat to live with so if you purchase a doe and have no other goats we will sell you a wether as a buddy at a discount.

Discounts and preference to herds that currently participate in showing, Linear Appraisals, Milk tests, 4-H and multiple purchases.

Deposits for all goats is half of the purchase price and must be received within 4 days of committing to the purchase and the remainder paid in full when the goat is picked up.

Animals not picked up by agreed date will be charged 1.00 per day board.