2024 Breeding Schedule

This is a work in progress and very much a draft. Match-ups may change. 

Reservations are free. Feel free to contact me by email or on Facebook if there is a pairing you are interested in. I am bringing in a couple new bucklings this year which will be listed once they are home.

My prices vary depending on the quality of the parents, the quality of the offspring and also if the goat is going to a performance home. Home milkers start at $250 without papers and competitive show kids with champion parents are $1000, everyone else is somewhere in between with the typical price of a papered doe being $400.

4 or more freshenings

SireDamNotesDue Date/Kidding Results
SDS Farm ZQ Big Tuna QuinnCH Night Heron Farm JB Katniss
Highest score: EEVE91
2021 score: VEEV87
I am really excited about this outcross. I really hope the doe fairy is kind, because I plan to keep at least 1 from this breeding.

If I let kids go from this breeding I expect to price them in the $900 – $1200 range with major considerations to herds on milk test.
SDS Farm ZQ Big Tuna QuinnR Serenity BS Katalina
Katalina has produced some excellent show goats and I think this pairing is going to do the same. He daughter R Serenity CF Painted Kat appraised EEEE90 as a 4 year old this year.

I will keep a doeling from this pairing. I expect kids to be in the $600 – $800 range with extra consideration to herds on milk test.
SDS Farm ZQ Big Tuna QuinnR Serenity CF Katana Katana has excellent conformation as with all Katniss daughters. I’m excited to see the variation between her offspring and Katalina’s with this pairing. I will likely keep a doeling from their pairing, though lately I’ve only been getting bucks from Katana so fingers crossed for the doe fairy. Kids will be in the $400-$600 range.

3rd Fresheners

SireDamNotesDue Date/Kidding DateResults
Floof Farm TL Katsuta (Polled)R Serenity Savanna Dry Cider (Blue Eyes)Savy is one of our most consistent does. She is always in the top 5 or 6 in her class and has produced some very nice kids. This year she appraised a VVVV86 as a 2nd freshener and is well on track to receive her milk star in all 3 components. She peaked at 4.3 pounds this year. I’m excited to cross her into the Kat-line and the width this Tie son brings.
Floof Farm TL Katsuta (Polled)Tua Farms SH AriaI didn’t freshen Aria this year, it was simply a case of too many goats. I’m looking forward to what she brings in 2024. As a 2 year old first freshener she scored a respectable ++++83. I would like her to have a little more width and general appearance which I hope the influence of the Kat-line will bring in this outcross. February 21, 2024

2nd Fresheners

SireDamNotesDue Date/Kidding DateResults
Floof Farm TL Indigo KatFloof Farm BS Katsu (polled)I am really excited about this pairing. I haven’t done a true Katniss line breeding yet. Indigo is an incredibly well balanced buckling and I am hoping he will add a little width compared to Katsu, she will bring a little length and these kids should be incredible to hand milk with large orifices and buttery skin. I expect kids to be in the $400-500 range for this pairing.
Floof Farm TL Indigo KatR Serenity PE Kitty Kat (polled)Kitty is my other Katniss granddaugther, I’m going excited to do the same linebreeding as Katsu to be able to compare the improvements on the line. Tie has a lot of stature and Kitty is a tiny little goat, so my hope is to get a bit bigger stature but keep some of the structural qualities in the tiny Kitty/Katalina line. I will likely only be offering doelings and wethers from this line. Doelings will be $400 and wethers for $125.
Floof Farm TL Katsuta (Polled)Wild in Wild D Lay Down SallySally is one of those secret goats I haven’t shown and have been “hiding” in the back of the barn. I retained her daughter from her one kidding and will be freshening her this year too. I love the depth of body of Sally’s dam SG Wild In Wild OK Maggie Mae VEEE90 and the milkiness on her sire’s side. I think this will pair really nicely with Katsuta. Doelings will be $400 and wethers for $125.
Floof Farm TL Katsuta (Polled)Sans Gene Z Lady MormontLady has the “booty” that Sans Gene strives for and she freshened with a lovely but lopsided udder last year. I’m excited to try again and get her in the show ring. I expect Tuna to add some refinement. Doelings will be $400 and wethers $125. February 21, 2024
Moss-Ridge Cal’s Twyla (Toggenburg)Twy-Twy is our resident spoiled Togg. She appraised at VVVV87 as a first freshener this year and was 9th in her class at Nationals. As I want to grow my Togg herd I intended to retain any doelings she has unless the doeling fairy is veeerrrryyy nice this year. Wethers will be $125.

First Fresheners

SireDamNotesDue Date/Kidding DateResults
Floof Farm TL Indigo KatFloof Farm PE Pretty Princess (polled)Princess is a very long yearling (technically she is two right now, but I showed her at Nationals as a yearling right before her 2nd birthday). She is a bit chunky as you might expect, but has some nice stuff going on underneath. Here’s to her milking it off and some nice kids on the ground in 2024. Does $400/wethers $125
Floof Farm TL Katsuta (polled)Floof Farm PE Rosa RugosaRosa a bit more refined than her dam, but still has the lovely width. She is one of the first fresheners I’m most excited about. Planned Pedigree
SDS Farm ZQ Big Tuna QuinnFloof Farm DM Sally Forth (polled)This combination is the least genetics I have experience with and is both an outcross but also has a touch of “Kat” in there from Katana. I love SF’s dam though and Tuna is “wow”. Let’s see what we get. Does $400/wethers $125.
Planned Pedigree
SDS Farm ZQ Big Tuna QuinnFloof Farm TL Bea Arthur (polled)Bea is one of quad doelings that I didn’t get bred and were just sitting around my herd. She will be a “dreaded” 3 year old first freshener, but the reason I’m breeding her instead of her sisters is her width. A plain black goat just like her dam I often walk into the pen and think “who is that!?! and have to remember it is Bea. It is hard to judge with the young stock but I think Tuna is not as wide as her, but has better length. Let’s see what we get! Does $400/wethers $125

Planned Pedigree
Floof Farm TL Katsuta (polled)Floof Farm Frosted FlakeFrosted Flake as a yearling has some depth of body that just keeps my eye on her. I’m also really curious to see how she milks because she combines a few different lines some with less than perfect udders but they milk a lot and others with nice udders, but you are lucky to get 2lbs of milk. She is a bit of an experiment, but there is something that made me want to keep her. Does $400/wethers $125

Planned Pedigree

Offering Bred

We are offering some does bred this year. With deposit you can choose the buck, but must choose before October 1st. Open they are available for $300.

SireDamPrice NotesDue Date
Floof Farm BJ Divine Bryde$350
Franke Farm B Charlie Caryall$350