Floof Farm TL Bea Arthur

Bea is one of quad doelings that I didn’t get bred and were just sitting around my herd. She will be a “dreaded” 3 year old first freshener, but the reason I’m breeding her instead of her sisters is her width. A plain black goat just like her dam I often walk into the pen and think “who is that!?! and have to remember it is Bea.

Sire’s Sire: Blythmoor Voodoo Dancer

Sire: Sans Gene BV Time Lord

Sire’s Dam: Sans Gene K Zydeco

Dam’s Sire: Almar Acres Black Sage

Dam: Night Heron Farm Hedy Lamarr

Dam’s Dam: Diji Farm SGW Greta Garbo

Full pedigree

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