Wether Care Instructions

Born: xxxx (xx weeks old at time of going home)
Vaccines: Received first CDT shot xxxx and the 2nd xxxx
Castration: They were banded on xxxx. NEVER remove the band. The testicles will slowly shrivel up and fall off over the next few weeks or so.

Current Feeding

Kalmbach Feeds Start Right Young Goat Feed
you can get this at Chewy.com or switch them to a different medicated feed such as Purina Grower which is available at any local feedstore
You have been sent home with a small bag of Kalmbach feed that should last 3 or 4 days
Medicated goat feed is important for preventing coccidiosis. There are other ways to prevent coccidiosis, but this is what I do with my goats.
You have been sent home with 1 flake which should last a day or two
Fresh clean water
Loose minerals
I use sweetlix but any loose goat mineral would be okay

General Feeding

Goats always need access to clean, dry hay fed off the ground in a hay feeder. Local grass hay is fine, they don’t need alfalfa long term except for a treat. This is their main source of food. Even if you have lots of browse available always have a little hay available.
Loose Minerals:
Goats need access to dry loose minerals that are protected from the weather
Goat pellets:
This is not necessary after they are 6 months old when they are less likely to get coccidiosis, they could be fed as a treat but watch for overweight goats. I like to feed my wethers a little bit of alfalfa pellets to help balance the Calcium to Phosphorous ratio in their diet
Poisonous plants:
Goats cannot eat all plants. It is important to keep that in mind. I don’t have a complete list of plants they can’t eat. A few key examples are Azaleas and Rhododendrons. They also can’t eat the leaves of any pit fruit such as cherry or plum trees


Goats don’t need fancy shelters but they do need access to a clean, dry well ventilated place to sleep. This is also a good place to keep their hay feeder and minerals to keep those items dry. When I got started I just used a 10 by 10 dog kennel with a roof and sides.

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